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4×4 Mimo Uni-directional futureproof Fixed Wireless Access 

June 27, 2022

5G / Outdoor Wireless


POYNTING introduces their all new XPOL-24 antenna and forms part of the new Lion Series. The XPOL-24 is an expansion of our very popular XPOL-2-5G antenna range. The antenna features 4×4 MIMO for 5G routers and futureproof implementation. The antenna applies our advanced meta-material technology, making use of Artificial Magnetic Conductors (AMC) to achieve exceptional bandwidth and gain.

The XPOL-24 antenna covers the up-and-coming 5G bands, including the lower 617 to 960MHz and the upper 3400 to 4200MHz bands. The antenna performs exceptionally well in the following frequency bands: 617 to 960MHz, 1710 to 2700MHz & 3400 to 4200MHz. The antenna can achieve a peak gain of 11dBi across the wide band of operation, due to the implementation of the advanced meta-material technology.

The XPOL-24 antenna also features 4×4 MIMO capability, adding to the exceptional performance of the antenna. The antenna elements are cross-polarised with vertical, horizontal and ±45° polarisations with spatial diversity for improved diversity and decorrelation. The frequency bands supported by the antenna are illustrated in the following graph.


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