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5G, Where Exactly Are We? 

September 8, 2022


As people head back into the office after the summer break it seems a good time to take stock of the industry landscape and how 5G roll-outs are shaping up. In this week’s blog, Peter Raabe, Strategic Marketing Director at RFS looks through the latest analysis and news to give his take on the state of 5G.

A look at the numbers 

Let’s start with some of the most recent figures. Ericsson has estimated 70 million 5G subscriptions were added in Q2 2022, bringing the total figure up to 690 million. Undoubtedly this is a big step forward in terms of the size of the 5G market and promising to see that there is appetite for the technology. Add to this the numerous business applications for 5G from industry 4.0 to connected cities and we see the potential for a thriving 5G landscape. 

In addition to the consumer adoption, uptake of private 5G networks is having a considerable impact on demand for 5G. Research from RAN Research estimates that by 2028 private 5G network sales and associated services such as installation could generate up to $23.8bn in revenues, with manufacturing and healthcare applications driving demand. We can see businesses and consumers are both pushing to capitalize on the benefits offered by 5G. In order to maintain that momentum, it is imperative that operators stay ahead of the game when it comes to building the infrastructure needed to support the growing demand. So, what does the current investment in 5G look like and is it at the pace needed to meet the current demand trajectory?


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