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Blog Post: The Positive Impact of Private Wireless Networks on Connectivity

November 1, 2023


Mobile networks today carry almost 300 times more traffic than they did just over a decade ago. And, so far, most of this growth has occurred indoors over carrier networks. 

To ensure device connectivity amid this growing influx of traffic, there’s an option for building owners to leave public cellular networks and mobile carriers behind. Instead, they can set up their own private network—one that only their organization or facility can access. 

These private wireless networks give companies and institutions the chance to individually deploy, own and operate connectivity systems, relying on a blend of LTE and 5G networks. In the United States, for example, private wireless networks operate within the (CBRS) Citizens Broadband Radio Service and C-Band spectrum. 

Private networks are also attractive to enterprises that want to control their own bandwidth distribution. For example: 

  • A school district may decide to deploy a private network to support virtual schooling across certain parts of a community if broadband providers don’t offer adequate coverage. 
  • A large company may want to eliminate the costs associated with carrier service and set up a private wireless network to support collaboration and communication applications across its corporate campus. 
  • An industrial automation environment may want to adopt a private wireless network so it can prioritize connectivity for latency-sensitive production lines over everything else. 

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