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Digital Voice and High-Speed Data at Underground Mining Working Face

March 1, 2024

Outdoor / Indoor Wireless

Rajant Corporation, the pioneer of Kinetic Mesh® wireless networks, has collaborated technologically to bring digital voice and high-speed data to underground mining at the working face. The published case study reflects the proof of concept at the NORCAT Underground Centre in Sudbury, Ontario (Canada). Crossover Distribution, Sonim Technologies, and Mutualink are partnering with Rajant on this mine solution.  

According to Crossover Executive Vice President Darin Gibbons, who grew up in the mining industry, “Rajant is a complement to other technologies, like Sonim and Mutualink, in the Crossover portfolio. Rajant enabled us to test and prove a VHF to VoIP phone crossbanding solution that seamlessly allows the worker to use either a phone or a radio and communicate on a legacy and Kinetic Mesh® system in the extreme environment of an underground mine.” 

“I have worked in mines my entire life and come from a family of Canadian miners”, shares Darrell Gillis, Rajant Sales Director – Canada. “I know communications within the mine and from ‘underground to surface’ have traditionally been enabled using two-way radio frequencies over an antiquated, single ‘Leaky Feeder’ radiating cable network. These networks provide basic two-way radio voice communications. However, they do not address communications at the working face of the mine where the production takes place. Crossover brought Rajant, Sonim, and Mutualink together to form a mine-wide communication solution improving safety, efficiency, and productivity.”


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Identifying early the need for private network infrastructure that could effectively support fully mobile wireless communications in industrial settings, Rajant Corporation developed its patented Kinetic Mesh® technology—and in turn became the pioneer provider of the most adaptable, scalable, and readily deployed fully mobile network on the market today.

Rajant was established in October 2001, after founders Robert Schena and Paul Hellhake recognized the significant shortcomings in traditional wireless mesh technology, particularly when it came to mobile voice and data networks used by first responders. The Rajant team envisioned a new, more robust mesh technology that would allow these networks to be fully mobile and mobility-enabled, and operate reliably in even the most demanding environments. Enter the Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network.