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JMA Wireless Launches Multi-Operator Owned Network (MOON™) in XRAN Platform

February 28, 2022

DAS/Indoor Wireless

JMA Wireless announced its Multi-Operator Owned Network, or MOON™, the only solution in the world to allow multiple virtual networks to operate on a single infrastructure with the same integrity and control of fully independent networks. Powered by JMA’s software-based XRAN architecture, MOON enables operators to join existing XRAN private networks and leverage that infrastructure for their own separate use.

“MOON is the first solution in the world to empower one network to do the work of many networks,” said Gilberto Brizzi, VP of RAN Product Management at JMA. “With this innovation, carriers can join any existing XRAN-based network with the click of a button and without touching the physical infrastructure. The business model of the enterprise market is completely upended— time-to-market for carriers is now hours, not years.”While JMA technology already supports MOCN and MORAN, MOON takes multi-operator solutions to an entirely new level, enabling operators to treat their network as fully separate from any other, with full configuration flexibility and the ability to set independent performance management criteria.


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Headquartered in Syracuse, NY, JMA Wireless (JMA) is an American company accelerating revolutionary changes in mobile connectivity with cutting-edge products that enable faster, more reliable, and more secure networks for consumers and businesses. JMA delivers software-driven, carrier-grade solutions designed specifically for in-building and outdoor use, offering superior performance, coverage, and stability for the most advanced and highly dense networks worldwide.