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Nokia on How 5G is Steering the Future of Connected Cars 

January 1, 2024

5G / Outdoor Wireless

The concept of connected vehicles has been around for decades. As technology evolved and the automotive industry ventured into vehicular connectivity, it produced cars with the ability to display traffic updates and status information on location, fuel levels, security alarms and service history.

With time cars started to use cellular networks for real-time navigation, enhanced infotainment and access to emergency services. Market expectations accordingly changed. Customers increasingly started to perceive automobiles as an extension of their mobile device. Today, in-car connectivity is an important consideration along with a vehicle’s aesthetics, engineering and performance. However, in most cases, the network-based connectivity has been limited to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Each vehicle is connected to the backend of the respective car producers and not to the greater vehicular ecosystem. 

Hence it is necessary to widen the perspective of connectivity to enable a cooperative intelligent transportation system comprising all road users. Cars cannot merely just connect to the cellular network on a best effort basis. They need to be intelligent, intuitive and communicate at a guaranteed level of service, ensuring new standards in safety, efficiency and convenience. 


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Nokia Corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones, serving customers in 130 countries. Nokia is divided into four business groups: Mobile Phones, Multimedia, Enterprise Solutions, and Networks. The Mobile Phones group markets wireless voice and data products in consumer and corporate markets. The Multimedia segment sells mobile gaming devices, home satellite systems, and cable television set-top boxes. The Enterprise Solutions group develops wireless systems for use in the corporate sector. Wireless switching and transmission equipment is sold through the company's Networks division. Nokia operates 15 manufacturing facilities in nine countries and maintains research and development facilities in 12 countries.