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RFS adds dual-band, dual-polarized microwave antenna models to enable cost-effective, long-distance 5G backhauling globally

December 7, 2022


Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a global designer and manufacturer of total-package solutions for wireless infrastructure, announced it has added two new antenna models to its PrimeLine TowerBooster portfolio of dual-band, dual-polarized microwave antennas. The new antenna models combine frequency ranges that are commonly used for long-haul microwave links around the world:

Wideband 6 GHz (5.925 to 7.125 GHz) and high-band 7 GHz (7.4 to 8.0 GHz)

Wideband 6 GHz (5.925 to 7.125 GHz) and high-band 8 GHz (7.7 to 8.5 GHz)

Like all PrimeLine TowerBooster microwave antennas, the new antenna models double or quadruple capacity on long-haul microwave links compared to single-band antennas, allowing microwave users to meet rapidly increasing backhaul requirements with a single, high-performance antenna.    

Higher backhaul capacity with low total cost of ownership

As microwave users upgrade to 5G networks, they need a cost-effective way to backhaul significantly higher volumes of data. PrimeLine TowerBooster antennas support horizontal and vertical polarization in each band, allowing microwave users to:

Double capacity compared to single-band, dual-polarized microwave antennas 

Quadruple capacity compared to single-band, single-polarized microwave antennas

The new PrimeLine TowerBooster antennas are available in sizes ranging from 4-ft to 12-ft, and have the same footprint as RFS single-band antennas of the same size, enabling one-for-one replacement. Microwave users can significantly increase backhaul capacity with no need to pay for additional antenna transportation costs, lease additional tower space or compromise on antenna performance. RFS is the only microwave antenna vendor to offer dual-band, dual-polarized microwave antennas in 12-ft sizes.


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