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Simplifying DAS: Faster Deployment Meets Uncompromising Cellular Coverage

August 1, 2022

DAS/Indoor Wireless

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Nextivity demystifies in-building cellular networks and explains how Cel-Fi solutions shorten time-to-value from months to weeks

Having ubiquitous, reliable, and performant in-building cellular service isn’t a courtesy. These days, it’s how business gets done. Businesses continue to ratchet up cellular data use as new use cases for mobile communication seem to pop up continuously, promising improved business communication, better worker productivity, and greater institutional efficiency than ever before. But getting ubiquitous coverage indoors or on campus using traditional Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) is an expensive, time-consuming proposition that only works for the biggest businesses. Nextivity’s award-winning Cel-Fi cellular solutions provide enterprises with a pathway to indoor cellular at a much lower cost, with fewer deployment headaches.

What’s driving this need for enterprises to focus on in-building coverage themselves? In short, it’s the tension between how business gets done and how mobile networks are built. While Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have spent billions to secure spectrum and build out their macro networks, many have had to pause or eliminate in-building and small cell network buildouts.

In fact, the onus for providing that service has shifted in many cases to the businesses themselves, said Stephen Kowal, Chief Commercial Officer of Nextivity. In a recent chat with RCR Wireless Editor-in-Chief Sean Kinney, Kowal said that ubiquitous mobile coverage is increasingly perceived as a basic business utility, the same as heat, water, and electricity.


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Nextivity solutions deliver industry-leading signal gain with 3x the coverage footprint for voice and data. The systems are unconditionally network safe with a no noise guarantee. Including speed-of-installation tools, CEL-FI products are available for enterprise, public safety, small businesses, remote settings, residential, marine, and vehicles.

Nextivity solutions are the only coverage solutions authorized for use in nearly 100 countries by almost 200 mobile operators. CEL-FI products cover spaces no one has covered before.

CEL-FI products are installer friendly, provide optimal coverage, and automatically adjust to changing network conditions. Solutions range from DAS to Smart Signal Boosters, all providing the industry’s highest Max Gain.