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Winning the Race to Expanded 5G Coverage

August 3, 2022

5G / Outdoor Wireless

A birds-eye view of land with housing

The global pandemic has created a new normal that is continuing to fuel a permanent shift to remote work-from-anywhere (WFA) habits. As a result, reliable access to high-speed internet, video streaming and online conferencing is no longer just a ‘nice-to-have’ capability. Connectivity is now essential in this new ‘tele-everything’ world where work, healthcare, education, shopping, entertainment and social interactions are all online

Moreover, as the WFA movement spreads population centers and work to smaller cities, peripheral suburbs and rural communities, improved digital access likewise needs to extend beyond urban areas. This population shift will only amplify the urgency around bridging the digital divide, such as in rural areas across the American Midwest, where a considerable amount of time and money has already been invested.

The ongoing transition to digital platforms — across all aspects of our daily lives — is driving an ever-increasing demand for always-on hyperconnectivity. And as network operators strive to build out mobile and fixed wireless capacity to meet this insatiable demand for data everywhere, the race is on to win 5G market supremacy.


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